Purple Punch (14g)


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Purple Punch [Rare Breed] : Grandaddy Purple X Larry OG – California grown at FARM 420 – I:80/20:S Hybrid – 20% THC _ 1% CBD.

These babies look like little frosted gems, quite something to behold. At first glance their small build and tight structure may seem standard but under light they reveal themselves, shining and caked with trichromes they are heavily dusted and brightly coloured. Orange, purple and green are all clearly apparent with some buds showing deeper darker shades of purple or green and others showing vibrant green and orange.

The taste and smell is incredibly sweet, pungent and potent, an intense aroma for sure, finally it settles into full fruity tones after a second. Same sweetness remains when sparked but it is joined by a clear, creamy kick which sits on both tongue and chest with real power, smooth and fruity on the inhale with that extra smooth thiccness you’d expect from a top Cali product. Lovely rounded notes of berries and sweets on the exhale, really carries its terpenes to taste when smoked.

So how does it smoke and what does it feel like? It’s a very well balanced body and head high with a swift onset and long lasting lean. Uplifting but noticeably potent, it has a strong, bubbly high best suited to relaxing with good friends, potentially due to its trace CBD content. Regardless the THC is very active and enjoyable, an excellent high and exceptional smoke.

In summary an excellent example of top Cali genetics done well and finished properly, the coating and colouring on these gems is only matched by the flavour and power of their smoke. Exceptionally clean high and burn (<85/90%), an ideal choice for the cannabis connoisseur looking for that special something. As you’d expect she comes nicely packaged from our premium range  here at FARM 420.

So where does the punch come in I hear you ask, well that would be to the wallet, she’s a classy lady and so costs a little bit more, but if you’re looking for that exceptional treat she’s the one we’re recommending, check out the review by our own Mary Jane.

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