Gelato 33 (7g)


There is an instantaneous hit with Gelato 33 that is sweet and sherberty with deeper, creamier notes coming through on the nose with time. Fragrance is quite literally mouth watering and the flavour is dangerously moreish…. The sweetness carries through excellently to the inhale and is joined by more earthy, citrus notes on the exhale, like a sherbet sorbet, this hits on your nose and melts in your mouth leaving you wanting more.

So how does she make you feel?
Gelato 33 produces an instant head high and steady body but without the prangy or locked feelings. She allows you to remain relatively active and very able, particularly when socialising. With good consistent highs that maintain a happy background stone even after the main high dissipates. This is an exceptionally clean smoke with the most beautiful lemony scent that smells like a Mediterranean salad in your grinder.

Overall, no loss in flavour or effect and always a delicious smoke. Impressive clarity on the ash with great consistency to the burn all the way down the joint, a very level and super clean (<85-90%).

Weight 7 g