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Welcome to FARM420

It’s the weekend, and you have nothing planned but relaxing, how do you start it?

How about joining more than 10 million others in the U.K. for a recreational hobby as old as time itself… weed.

When you were in your teens, weed was weed, it was always just the back shed grown rubbish that your mate’s mate grew in his mum’s greenhouse.

But it’s now 2020, Medical Grade Marijuana has been legal in the U.K. since 2018, and with the advent of legal recreational Marijuana available across the US and Canada for some years now, the weed available in the U.K. in 2020 is beyond exceptional. The other benefit to this is having a wealth of information available so users can not only research recreational use before beginning, but also find the perfect marijuana strain that fits them, or there ailment.

So why smoke it?

Ever started your day with a warm, gentle high that makes your first cup of tea taste like it was crafted by the gods, or your breakfast taste like it was made by chefs appointed to royalty? Marijuana doesn’t just heighten your tastebuds, it also heightens your hearing and visual perception, meaning music sounds better and cheesy movies become masterpieces. Some strains soothe and relax, while others make you chatty and inspire creativity. Just pick and choose for your needs.

At FARM420 we offer everything weed, cannabis, Marijuana related, whether it’s flowers or edibles, recreational or medical, all are welcome.

Purchasing from our store is strictly for medical use only and no sales will be made to anyone under the age of 18.